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Direct Marketing

Email, postal mail, mobile marketing, inserts and telemarketing to target.

The privilege of choosing customers !!  we like to define direct marketing as the opportunity to communicate with a public selected with our criteria when we order a list of addresses from qualified database marketing.

To wait for your site, or shop, or catalogue to be choosen in a natural and referential way does not permit to improve effectively the number of clients that could be improved, in quality and in quantity, with direct marketing techniques for it's testable nature and for the minimum investment required but measurable. The secret ?  To select from profiled and reactive marketing databases.

Direct Marketing techniques permit to increase the number of leads and clients but mainly they permit :

  •   To build an internal database to implement conversion and fidelisation strategies.
  •   To use promotional levers towards selected targets.
  •   To communicate using personalised tools and consequently more efficienlty.
  •   To test the marketing mix, to analyse each ingredient, to adapt the message and the offer, to forecast results.

With the support of professional experts and skilled list brokers, it is possible also to avoid :

  •   dispersion of messages.
  •   to damage the web reputation and in general the brand image.
  •   to harm the privacy.
  •   to generate new clients lacking in profit.

For these reasons and mainly in case of direct marketing actions abroad, becomes very important the support of a network of local and independent list brokers mutually supported.

Direct Marketing tools permit testing new markets with  a small investment.

Our experience shows that lists are an essential key factor to determine the success.

For this reason Lists4Europe, an European network of list brokers, operates following these guidelines:

•  To prepare tailored offers.

•  To operate independently from marketing databases owners.

•  To submit suggestions in a pro-active way.

•  To consult for local solutions like creativity adaptations, channels to communicate, data protection regulations, top local suppliers, state of the merge-purge processes, etc.
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