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The list broker is a professional who does not sell/rent his own lists but know and evaluate from the complex and tricky list market.

Professionality, transparency about sources of data, knowledge, experience and more, it permits to the list broker to advice for the best list plan, to compare and propose many alternatives, and avoid you to come in the tricky world of the list market that varies from country to country.

Here some advantages to work with a list broker :
  • a large range of local and international sources of marketing data.
  • to exclude from recruitment offer special lists : black list, clients, leads recently contacted ecc
  • to communicate tuning with the profile of the list.
  • to offer specif and personalised offers .

Your message will be perceived like unique and exclusive !
many places to meet us : FR- IT-DE-UK-ES-GR-PL-NL
list brokers
an unique local contact !
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