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The relevance to know about list generation :

  • according with data protection law.
  • updates.
  • upgrades.
  • data selections.
  • data quality.
  • cases of success.
  • and more and more

Lists that you are evaluating to rent will be shown with very detailed datacards and precise counts.
Sources varie from country to country.

There are available B2B Lists coming from chamber of commerce to mail order buyers, from attenders courses to directories selectable by size and nace code.

About B2C lists there are demographic sources selectable by date of birth, job and specific target like new mothers. Others sources come from behaviours like make/model of the car owned, magazine read, attitude to holiday, flights, hi tech etc.
Particularly concerning the e-shopping and sells at distance, there are lists of people buying online or by mail order catalogue. Usually these sources are the most reactive to order again online, by catalogue or following one shot offers or visiting a shop to conlcude the purchase action.

Lists4Europe is able to support every kind of local problems :
  • from the data protection rules to which channel is more appropriate to communicate.
  • from normalise and standardise postal addresses to analyse the test result.
  • from append marketing data to your internal list to translate and adapt the creativity.
  • and finally : printing, fullfilment, telemarketing, customer care etc
many places to meet us : FR- IT-DE-UK-ES-GR-PL-NL
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phone number 0039 3889323062
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